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Friday night, somewhat later than usual (7pm), we headed down to the coast.  Stopped in at the Scottish Restaurant for dessert (maltesers sundaes - yummm).  The place was bogan central though ..

Maltesers Sundae
Arrived at the house probably a bit before 10pm.  I was almost asleep at this point, have spent the better half of the afternoon drinking at a work party.  But Dave arrived we decided to heat up the spa, so had a couple of beers while playing Flight Control HD!! I really need a lot more practise at that game!  And no, I'm not going to spend ~$700 on one! Spa'ed til quite late.

Saturday morning I had a long sleepin (til 10:30!!) and had a leftover slice of pizza for breakfast.  Started one of the house's 750-piece jigsaws while enjoying the view.  (and Dave put on Queen at Wembley so was singing along to that :):) )

View from the house
Went for a walk down to the shops to get a paper.

Malua Bay
In the afternoon we experimented putting up a couple of Dave's tents to see which one he thought would be better to take away on his next bike trip.  He decided this one (even though it's bigger and a bit better) is too much of a pain for one person to put up and take down.

Later on, Stu and I went for a walk by ourselves along the cliffs and back along the rocks.

Stu taking a video
Waves splashing
The sweetie
Mother of Pearl shell
Came back and we opened the Stone's Green Ginger Wine (which Dave had decided he should get me to try on a previous trip), and I finished off the jigsaw.  Also had a go at hooking up the camera to the Eee PC, but was quite frustrated that the computer wouldn't see it :(

Stone's Green Ginger Wine
Then we headed into Batemans Bay to find some dinner.  We liked the look of Barkala Tapas bar, so went in there.  We got the $35 banquet which was five courses, as well as some champagne (as you do).  There was some foccacia style bread and a dip, then a tartare (salmon) dish, then a duck salad (which was pretty awesome), then beef cheek (sooo tender!) and a mushroom dish (probably my favourite - soo tasty!).  Yum yum yum :)  Enjoyed it :)

Barkala Kitchen and Bar
Then stayed in the spa the latest I've ever stayed in.. oops.. :)  Love that spa :)  Even though I was well and truly a prune at the end of it heh.

This morning had another long sleep in.  Had a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast and sat with binoculars looking out at the ocean.  

Had a go at connecting the camera to Stu's laptop and that worked, and then suddenly realised that the Eee PC has an SD card reader! Win!!

Spent quite a bit of time on the crosswords, then tidied up and came home..

Rain and clouds
All in all, apart from probably a little too much alcohol last night, had a very relaxing weekend away :)
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