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Haven't done one of these in a while. This is one of our engagement presents that we got yesterday.

Thursday Challenge - Blue

I haven't done a Thursday Challenge probably in a couple of years now. But I've decided to start up again.

I'm cheating a bit with this, since I only decided today to do it, and the photo itself was from New Years eve, not even this year. In coming weeks I'll try and be more interesting.

Thursday Challenge - White
Magic Crystal Christmas tree

Thursday Challenge

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I haven't done a Thursday Challenge in ages, but lacking inspiration for a post tonight, I thought I'd put up an obligatory fish photo. These are from my second lot of baby kribs, with their mother off in the distance. Shown larger than life size :)

Thursday Challenge - Small

Just because I haven't done a Thursday Challenge in months...

Here's the contents (bar two - the two books I'm currently reading) of my BookCrossing TBR shelf.. one of these years I'll read them :)

Bookcrossing TBR

Haven't done a Thursday Challenge in a while - just too lazy. This week's apparently is "Motion".

So take one string of fairy lights, one computer chair, and spin.


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