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Convinced I'm Dying

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(TMI post, you've been warned)

So I'm convinced I'm dying.  Or at least have some sort of immunodeficiency.  I've been sick for basically two months straight.  I've never been this sick in my life.

To summarise:
* bad flu after Sydney in September that had me off work for most of the week
* ear infection, probably bacterial, took three weeks of antibiotics to get over
* gastro or food poisoning the night of our work ball (during the antibiotics run)
* weird eye infection just after I finished the antibiotics, don't know if viral or bacterial (both tests were negative)
* cold from one of the boys at the coast, done by the time I went to Melbourne
* bad cold or flu that started the Sunday night in Melbourne which made my training week pretty miserable
* persistent sore throat since about Saturday that I'm convinced is another bacterial infection (still coughing too)

Being stressed about being sick sabotages my means of getting better (ie, sleeping) and haven't felt up to doing any proper exercise in forever.


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