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Too hard

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Sometimes everything is just too hard.

Never again

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It's cold

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Dug out my fan heater tonight. But when I turned it on it shuddered quite loudly as it spun. It's 13 years old, maybe something has broked ...

Net Loss Take II

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So spent the morning trying to fix my Blackberry. One wipe and several enterprise activations later. Got pretty much everything going except my Poker game which now says expired. The nearly $65 million I built up over the last year and a half all gone.

Most of the rest of the day wasn't any better.

Net Loss

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Today sucked.

More specifically, this afternoon sucked.

This morning was ok. Luc brought me a Blackberry 8800 to have a play with, so play I did. Ok so mainly I wanted to test out the GPS feature, which works beautifully with Google Maps - the Blackberry maps built into it are *crap*. So that was all very nice, but decided I should probably go back to my Blackberry for the night. Except it all went to pot. All the BES stuff worked *except* receiving mail. No matter what I did I could send mail and use all the GPRS stuff, just not receive mail. And not only that, but it completely screwed up my profiles, giving me a couple of extra profiles - _default_profile_ and a "blank" profile that can't be renamed or deleted. No idea how I'm going to fix those :(

But it was getting late and had to get to the post office. To return something to Ted's Camera House. But that is a rant for another day.

But there was one amusing thing that went round this arvo. Australian readers should get it, but sorry, overseas people, well, won't. :)

To keep the rabbits out


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After a thoroughly lacklustre response to my Google Maps challenge, I dunno if I'll bother doing another round. But thanks to the three of you that did comment. All but one were guessed:

#1 Sydney Harbour Bridge
#2 Uluru/Ayers Rock
#3 Boeing factory in Everett Seattle (biggest building by volume in the world)
#4 Disneyland (including the new section at the bottom, would have been easier if I'd zoomed in more)
#5 Mount Rushmore
#6 Golden Gate Bridge
#7 Empire State Building
#8 White House
#9 Monument Valley
#10 Glen Canyon Dam


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ok so I'm completely jealous of Stu. *I'm* the planespotter in the family, and yet Stu's the one that gets to see the cool stuff.

First we have Qantas' first 707, which is destined to fly once more EVER this Sunday, making the chances of actually seeing it flying next to zero.


Then there's the A380 which I've seen on the ground, but not flying. And not likely to see it flying any time soon, since they're not due to fly to Australia until well after I'm living in Canberra. And won't see it in Airbus livery either.


*I'm* the one that lives right next to an airport, and I still miss out on this stuff. It's totally not fair. Been pissed off/grumpy all afternoon :(

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