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Zombie Day

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Couldn't get to sleep last night.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too uncomfortable.  Too *something*.  Then because my brain is retarded, I woke up at 6am.  Yay.

I had a break in the low sodium diet tonight - we celebrated the sweetie's birthday with beer, pizza, and a couple of episodes of House.  Back to it tomorrow though.  Blerf.



Had a reasonably quiet weekend.  Stu has been sick since last week, so didn't go out Friday night.  

Saturday was the club AGM, but we only went out for it and came home again after.  I cooked duck for dinner and we watched The China Syndrome, which Stu had never seen.

Today Stu studied and I did jigsaws.  Correction.  The same jigsaw, just the other side.  All will be revealed soon.  And housework.  Always housework.  And started setting up another blog for all my Australian holidays (since I'm scanning all my old holiday photos and would be good to get some of them online).  Tonight I did a lamb roast (we have sooo much food in the fridge it's not funny) and we watched Highlander.  I don't think we've actually seen it since we went to Scotland in 2010.  Been theres! :)

Not much

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Haven't been doing too much.  Had a very quiet weekend.  The sweetie was doing uni reading all weekend.  I organised and sorted and played UT2004.  Made potato bake for dinner Saturday night and turkey and roast veggies Sunday night.  And I made (well attempted to make) a lemon meringue pie.  It needs a bit of refinement though.  Still, it tasted good.

Today I was dreading having to deal with vendor support but in the end I just didn't "go there" for all but one of my open tickets and just got some other bits and pieces done.

Yeah not much else.

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