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Chickens and Roads

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I've really got nothing at all to blog about tonight (I can't even do simple stuff like manipulate date formats in perl).

So here's a couple of photos of signs regarding chickens crossing roads..  

I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned

Chicken worth crossing the road for

Cataract Dam

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So for years I've been driving past the sign to Cataract Dam but never actually gone to have a look.  This morning I decided to finally go and see it.

There's a huge picnic area there with all the facilities.  I drove around looking for something obvious to mark the dam, and saw a sign saying dam walk this way.  So parked the car and walked down.  Turns out you can actually drive right to it, which I was a bit annoyed about because it was very hot, but hey, at least I got some steps in..

Cataract Dam

Cataract Dam

Cataract Dam

Cataract Dam

Cataract Dam

Cataract Dam

There's a bunch of really cute old buildings from when the dam was built back in the early 1900s.

Old building at Cataract Dam

Just be careful walking around the place in summer - huge spider webs are everywhere, including right across this super huge gap - I nearly walked face first into a web just here!! :(

Cataract Dam picnic area

Will try and see the other dams on future trips.

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