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August Jigsaws

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Actually achieved a few jigsaws in August

This is one I borrowed from work.  But someone had cut open the box badly and not put the jigsaw in a bag, so there missing pieces :(
Outback jigsaw

This is "Ogre's Birthday" - given to me by Marylon ages and ages ago, and only just got around to doing it.  I started it months ago, but progress halted when it got too cold to work downstairs.
Ogre's Birthday

This one Nat and Andrew lent to me around my birthday.  Very easy jigsaw, did it in a night.
Mario Jigsaw

This was one we did at work that someone had brought in for us to do.  It was a lot of fun, and we might have been a little distracted by it. :)
Wasjig jigsaw

Wasjig jigsaw box

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