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Jigsaw making has slowed down quite a bit in the past couple of weeks - it's just been too cold downstairs and I stalled on one I was doing upstairs.

From work - Keukenhof Gardens.  Dave2's been there and I'm pretty jealous.
April Jigsaws

One I got from Marylon in Sydney when we used to do jigsaws together on Friday lunches.  She didn't want this one, but it's taken this long to get around to doing it.
April jigsaws

A little 300 piece puzzle from work.  This was slightly unusual in that all the pieces were the "odd" shapes.  But the pieces were pretty badly cut so kept making mistakes even on something so simple.
April jigsaws

Another in the series of the 4x4 (16 total) repeating pattern of pieces.
April jigsaws

A1500 piece jigsaw from work that they couldn't do because they don't have the space for it.  They hadn't even opened it! It was a bit hard because of all the purple and brown.
April jigsaws

Last Saturday we went up Black Mountain Tower (I don't call it by its official name, no free advertising for that company on this blog thankyouverymuch).

Spent half an hour outside taking photos.  As you do.

Scrivener Dam from Black Mountain Tower

Gridlock Interchange from Black Mountain Tower

Mount Stromlo from Black Mountain Tower

Arboretum from Black Mountain Tower

Belconnen from Black Mountain Tower

Mount Majura from Black Mountain Tower

Mount Ainslie from Black Mountain Tower

Civic from Black Mountain Tower

Lake Burley Griffin from Black Mountain Tower

Woden from Black Mountain Tower

Black Mountain Tower

Black Mountain Tower

Black Mountain Tower

Black Mountain Tower

Wren on Black Mountain


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Ever wonder what approximately $15000 in cash looks like?  Wonder no more!


Luc had withdrawn it for some reason or another I can't remember (it was while I was still in Sydney).  I remember feeling super nervous carrying a couple of thousand dollars of shop takings to the bank when I was young, but this was just insane :)

Found the photo during a lot of work I've been doing recently sorting out photos into something more meaningful than by month.

Cross stitch

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For Christmas in 1992 I received a small counted cross stitch kit.

I finished it last weekend.

Butterfly cross stitch

(sorry about the dodgy photo)

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