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Party #2

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Today was our second of many Christmas parties.  This one was originally just our section, but expanded to include the section next door, and then continued expanding to include most of the floor.  Which is good and all, but does make logistics trickier.  But I wasn't on the organising committee so I didn't stress about it.  The only real problem was that the person delegated with the buying of the booze was on the Go Karting trip, and then his car broke down.  So beer was *very* late getting to the party.  There was nearly a riot!

Yeah so Go Karting.  I'd never been before.  It was super awesome fun!  I was second slowest in the first race, and slowest in the second race.  And I got a *massive* bruise under my left arm where I was banged into the side of the kart going around corners :(  If it wasn't so damned expensive ($40 for two ten minute races) I'd totally do it more often.

Go Karting

The party (once the beer arrived ;) ) was pretty awesome.  Rain stayed away.  Instead it stayed very hot, so I spent the afternoon hiding in the shade.  Although I did have one go on the flying fox...

Windy found my year on a can
Got this stubbie holder at the Reject Shop the other day for $2
Christmas stubbie holder
Took this photo of the local wildlife for @CLBradley
Takes talent to drink upside down on a flying fox.  But he did get the fastest lap of the day in Go Karting, so I guess he's just good at everything.. hrmmm
Flying fox
I won't say what is going on here .. CLM ..
Pee tree
The birds thought it was very hot, they were all panting..

Rinse and Repeat

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Yeah much the same as last night :)

In addition.  Apparently all I need to do to get my photos and videos seen is to show the right people... :)

The video I mentioned on Friday night was pretty good, but didn't even come close to the still I got .. oppan Gangnam Style! :)

Gangnam Style

First of several

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Had our first of several Christmas parties today.  Pretty good day :)  Usual food and booze and good times :)  And there might have been video of various staff members dancing Gangnam Style :)

I still maintain November is too early to be starting with Christmas parties!

Cadbury Screme Egg

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As picked up when doing our shopping the other night.  Not on special yet though.

Cadbury Screme Egg
Cadbury Screme Egg

Didn't get much done tonight, other than piecing back together my Eudora inbox and doing a backup.


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So this morning I woke up, looked out the window, and got depressed that I was going to miss the eclipse - on account of cloud cover over Canberra.

So got ready and went to work.

As I got off the bus I looked over my shoulder and there was a sort of break in the clouds!  Enough to see the sun obscured enough by clouds to get photos!  So grabbed my camera and snapped a bunch of pics!  Epic awesome!!

Solar eclipse over Canberra
Yay for clouds!  Cause I wouldn't have gotten photos like that otherwise, on account of not having any solar filters and all..!

Tonight went over the hills for a lovely prawn salad for dinner.  And some beer.  And a little wine.  Good times :):)


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Haven't played too much with Siri yet, but did ask her the obvious question (which she mistranslated, but still got there in the end).


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