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So this is Canberra's latest piece of public art - Keizo Ushio’s “oushi zokei, dream lens for the future”

Oushi zokei

At first glance I'm like "Hey! They copied the one in Japan!"

Dream lens, Kobe
Except as it turns out, it's by the same artist!  

I think I like the one in Japan better - it has three twists instead of the one we have here.

Dream lens, Kobe Dream lens, Canberra
And a few more of both, just for fun

Dream lens, Canberra

Dream lens, Canberra

Dream lens, Kobe

Dream lens, Kobe

Even got myself on the RiotACT.  Again.  :)  
Typical of Canberrans though, everyone having a whinge about it.  Which is sad because this piece of art is *cool*!

Television Tunes

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Whoops.. while looking up some stuff for our trivia night, I ended up on Television Tunes.. and spent the rest of the night there listening to old tv show themes.....

Life.. It is finished!

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hrmm that didn't come out right.  In fact it's not even accurate.

It's only half finished :)

But tonight I did finish the second quarter (6000 pieces) of the Life jigsaw.  So that was thirteen days of work, including two weekends (although obviously not all that time spent on it).

Life jigsaw progress

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