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So Canberra has a couple of new pieces of public art. 

First up, Belconnen's owl...

Belconnen Owl Sculpture
Belconnen Owl Sculpture
Belconnen Owl Sculpture

And then there's "Buckbeak" .. (that's what Stu's colleagues call it) .. with a freaky eye that glows in the dark

Civic bird sculpture


And don't tell anyone, but I might have accidently just a little bit bought Life today..

You're a Star!!

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Ok that's what I said to the sweetie when I handed him this...

Stellated Dodecahedron

Isn't it cute!! :)  I suppose the picture doesn't really give you an idea of scale, but it's pretty little, because I made it out of a single piece of paper cut from one A4 sheet of paper.  I haven't had a stellated dodecahedron in years.  I used to have one hanging in my window at Como.  And one painted silver that was totally spectacular.  Those ones I had to draw the nets for myself! Gah! Give me the cheat's method of the internet any day ;)  If it didn't take like an hour to make them and be so delicate I'd make them as Christmas decorations :)  I made it from the net on the first page of this PDF, but you could make a little bigger using the split page version.

The other thing I made on the weekend was my first sonobe model - a simple sonobe cube.  I followed this pattern for putting the cube together, although this pattern to fold the sonobe units.  There seems to be a couple of different ways to fold them.. hrmm.

Sonobe Cube

Day today was ok.  Sorted tax nonsense.  Really need to get an accountant methinks.  Anyone recommend any good ones in Canberra? 

Oh, and nearly forgot .. AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA!!!!!! SQUEEE :)
Over 100 pieces of plain black jigsaw pieces?

Eagle jigsaw torture
Eagle jigsaw torture
I could at least see whether the pieces were "horizontal" or "vertical" and for some of them which why up they went.  And last night when the lights were on, I could make out the tiniest variation in shade.  

I did actually finish it last night - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...

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