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Beep Beep!!

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ok so this was totally a blast from the past.

I was standing there outside the newsagent with our shopping trolley while Stu was inside looking for magazines.  And on the radio (or cd player?) came this song..

While riding in my Cadillac
What to my surprise
A little Nash Rambler was following me
About one third my size
Beep beep beep beep
His horn went beep beep beep


which was surreal because my dad always used to sing this song, but of course only the beep beep beep lines.  That's all I ever knew growing up.  (he always used to sing it "Beep beep. Beep beep.  His horn went beep beep burrrrppp!" heh)

Anyways, so I heard the whole song outside the newsagent today and was entirely amused.

Relatedly, one of the "related" YouTube searches was for "They're going to take me away ha ha".. which was another song dad used to sing the chorus line of...


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I noticed recently that Google Maps had added some beautiful high resolution sections of Canberra.  These were taken very obviously on a weekend, and apparently around March.

What I hadn't noticed until tonight was the Terrain button.


The hills at the northern end of the ACT..

Google Maps Terrain

Lake Burragorang..

Google Maps Terrain

Mt St Helens..

Google Maps Terrain

I could go all over the world doing this it's so much fun .. except it's bed time..

I could even resurrect my Google Earth challenges.. except participation was so poor last time I gave up..

Right now

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A couple of people have done this meme...

it's the "take a photo of yourself as you are *right now* and post it on your blog" meme...

*shrug* :)

Me right now


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A *very very* long time ago (read: 1996), Guy introduced me to Laserwar.

Well it never worked from Windows 2000 onwards, so I haven't played it in a *very* long time. 

But was I was backing up my computer tonight I noticed it again and asked Stu if he had dos 6 on disks anywhere so I could setup a virtual machine to play all my old games.  He said just use dosbox.  So I did!  And dredged up the memories of playing this rather fun little game...


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