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I like to call this my "Christmas" red curry, because the ingredients are red (bull capsicum and red curry paste), green (buk choi) and white (mushroom, garlic, rice and coconut cream).  I suppose the cashews on top kind of spoil that..

Christmas red curry

Grumpy with the jigsaw.  Only 354 pieces left to put in, but it's taking an eternity.  It's going to take weeks at the rate I'm going to finish it :(

Dinners this week

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Firstly, excuse the crappy crappy photos :(

Sunday I made a fairly simple massaman curry.  All I knew was that it was supposed to have beef and potato, and I could use some massaman curry paste I had in the pantry.

So the recipe went along the lines of:
Cut up a bunch of chuck steak and potatoes and stick em in a slow cooker with three or four dollops of massaman curry paste and a little stock to cover.
Come back after doing fish stuff and some housework and add in a chopped up onion and carrot.
Stir occasionally over the course of the afternoon to make sure everything gets covered and cooked properly.
Add in a tin of light coconut cream at the end.

Yummy yum yum!  The sweetie went back for seconds (not unusual, but if he doesn't like it he won't) :)
And the onion was the softest onion I have ever eaten!
Slow cooked chuck steak I think is one of my favourite meats, I love how it disintegrates when you eat it.  I really should do more slow cooker recipes with it.

Massaman Curry

Tonight I decided to surprise the sweetie with okonomiyaki as seen on Bike Bake Blog.  I've been wanting to make this for weeks, and finally got around to doing it.

I used a little more flour and water than suggested, as it didn't seem batterey enough, and half a capsicum that was getting old and needed using up.  I should have cut up the cabbage finer, it was a bit rough.  Also made the okonomiyaki sauce which turned out really well as well.

The sweetie raved about this one, he said we should have it every week lol
I'm still full, I think two pancakes was a little too much for me!  We still have a heap of the mixture left so put that in the fridge for another night this week :)


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