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Eating In

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Pizza I made one time when Stu was up..


Herbed Veggies. The potato was awesome, but the solid core of the parsnip made the veggies not so good. Also was carrot, garlic, and capsicum I think..


Pork bolognase..


Veal cutlet with herbed veggies..


Grilled cheese on cheese. I was trying to use up my shredded cheese before I moved, so just grilled some in the toaster oven. Fan-fricken-tastic!!


Lamb roast with steamed butter beans, mushrooms fried in butter and potatos soaked in lamb dripping..


Comfort Food

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Me being distraught and all tonight, Stu got me some comfort food... Domino's 7 Meats pizza (on triple-cheese crust)...

Domino's 7 meats pizza

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