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Some time after 7pm last night my blog went offline.  Tried it from a couple of different networks, including  It was dead.

Some time overnight it came back.

But it was missing the last entry and the last couple of comments.

Looks like the content reverted to was from about midday on the 28th, so would have lost about a day and half's worth of data.  Luckily my blog gets so little activity that this is hardly an issue.

So obviously Something Bad happened, and they've had to do a data restore.  Or perhaps they were moving data to a new host but it all took so long that content had changed by the time they were done.  Either way, I'm lucky to have not lost my entire blog (or at least since the last snapshot I did, and then would have had to reconstruct it from my rss feed reader).  So I'm doing another snapshot of it now.

It's a pity that the internal Movable Type backups don't work anymore.  They used to a long time ago, but I think there's just too much content now.  I'll look into automating an sql dump at least to give me a text dump at regular intervals...

Edit: I think they must have moved to a new host - suddenly response time for posting is super snappy - normally it takes like a minute to publish an entry, but this entry only took a few seconds to publish!

Edit 2: they seem to have broken the SMTP settings.  I used to be able to have my blog email me when I got a blog comment.  Now it tries but fails and generates a bounce message (which I *do* get).  But even worse, it turns out that *all* my mail is bouncing :(:(:(:(:(

Edit 3: I called their support number and spoke to someone who confirmed that they had indeed moved the site to a new host, and he was able to fix the mail setting for my domains on the spot.  And that he'd have to go and fix a bunch of other people's domains as well heh.

Faith. Hope.

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Boxing Day morning I woke up to the news that George Michael had died.  

This morning I woke up to the news that Carrie Fisher had died.  So sad.

Rogue One

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Rogue One

Yesterday afternoon we had a vendor-hosted screening of Rogue One, telling the story of the events immediately prior to Episode IV.

Generally I liked it.

It was a bit violent (well not really for Hollywood movies these days, but still a bit more than most of the other Star Wars movies).

And it was a bit choppy to get going, a bit all over the place and no continuity to begin with.

And very little in the way of character development.

CGI Peter Cushing was pretty cool though.  And a few other nods to the rest of the Star Wars universe.

A second watching would help now that I know who is who, and that may happen if I go to see it with the sweetie.


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Before the last big club event we decided we needed to clear some freezer (and fridge) space.  Which meant eating as much as we could of what was in the house.

We haven't actually been proper food shopping in weeks.

With leftovers from a Melbourne Cup event at work, and the big club event, we've managed to get by with only buying a few essentials here and there.  But we really do need to do some proper shopping very soon ..

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