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100 Years

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One hundred years ago today a bunch of Aussie and New Zealand guys got off boats on this beach.

Anzac Cove

And climbed these hills under gunfire.

Plugges Plateau

And we've been remembering it ever since.

Lest we forget.


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Tonight we went and saw x+y.

I'd never even heard of it.  In fact I didn't even know what we were seeing until we got to the theatre.

I thought it was lovely - a bit funny, awkward, very well done, and a bit emotional.  Quite enjoyed it.

Afterwards we had supper at Max Brennar's and ate entirely too much.

Max Brennar

Max Brennar

The rest of today was just housework and photo sorting and stuff.

Three years ago today we went to Zippori and Nazareth.

The Liners

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So after a lot of weather documentaries and American national parks, then through a lot of Australian and New Zealand travel and top end documentaries, I'm now up to a series called The Liners in dad's documentary collection which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  I did however just go and lookup what happened to the Queen Elizabeth, and was sad to learn it's now buried under a container terminal in Hong Kong.  I've seen the Queen Mary, but we didn't get to go on her.  Maybe next time.. Actually there's a growing list of ships I want to go and tour.. must collate them some time..

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