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Went to Alice's Thai Restaurant in Civic tonight.  We had fish cakes and money bags for entree which were pretty decent, and a nice chicken Pad Thai, but the highlight was the "Crying Duck" salad which far surpasses 2Yummy's super tasty duck for being super tasty!

Yum yum yum!!!

Alice's Crying Duck

What do you do?

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Saw an article on Boing Boing during the week about "What do you do?" being a question most Americans ask each other when they meet.

Well I have to say it's not only Americans that do it.  Just about everyone I've met in Australia has done it too.  In fact they did it so often it used to drive me completely mental.  I used to *HATE* meeting people at church, because I'd ALWAYS get the same questions - Where do you live? What do you do?  I automatically got so defensive about it and once I was quite rude to someone that did it to me.

Yeah I'm pretty screwed up.


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I might have accidentally bought a new toy today.

Well you see Phil asked me if I was looking to a buy a point-and-shoot camera and I'm like .. well actually .. 

Hardley Normal were doing a buy-one-get-one-free special on point-and-shoots and I'm like .. ooo!

So did some research on one of the ones I'd been considering recently (the Sony TX10).. it's waterproof!!  And reasonably decent picture quality and good in low light and only $225 with the discount!  So thought it would make a great new random camera.  

So got it.  It's pretty cool.  A few failures in a batch of pics but pretty awesome macro and it's 16 megapix!  Should be fun :)

New toy

National Velvet

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I finished reading National Velvet by Enid Bagnold during the week.

Omigosh what a terrible book.


I bought this book a long long long time ago, with a book voucher I'd won somewhere.  I bought Superman III the same day.  I can't remember if I ever read National Velvet when I was younger.  I started reading it just after Elizabeth Taylor died earlier this year.  I was reading it before bed but it was so painful to read that I stopped reading it, in preference to playing games on my phone.  I only finished it by making it bus reading material.

The whole first half of the book it's pretty much just her family life, but it's written in the really odd style that chops and changes scenes and assumes you already know what the heck is going on.  It makes really obscure references to things and several times I was rereading several pages at a time to figure out if I'd just missed something (or even Googling!!).  Painful painful.  There's no detail in the training of the horse whatsoever, just a sentence or two to say that it was happening.  And then the race.. told from the point of view of someone who never actually saw any of the race!!  Biggest waste of time ever.  

Verdict: don't bother. I'll be donating this book to Lifeline or something.


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So I've never been swooped by a magpie.  In thirty eight years.  Until last night.  But even then, I'm not sure it was a true swooping, because this bird had been tormenting people all day and we'd even watched out the windows, so knew it was there and was waiting for it.  Funnily enough staring it down made no difference.  I actually thought it was quite a novelty and just watched it and teased it back (which probably made it more agro but hey).  It didn't really come anywhere near me.  
Oh here's another thing I didn't blog about during the Great Radio Silence of July 2011.

I FINALLY finished listening to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!!!!!!  I borrowed the CDs off Luc years and years ago.  I struggled to listen to it in Sydney - I know I was listening when I first met Stu, because I remember on occasion talking to Stu at night, then putting it on to listen to before I went to sleep.  Of course I'd struggle to stay awake listening to it.  I tried listening to it in the car on a long drive one time - very dangerous thing to do as it's so boring I nearly fell asleep at the wheel.  Last year when I started catching a different bus and walking twenty minutes home, I finally was able to get through it.

So yeah.  Most boring thing, just about *ever*.  Maybe it was because I was listening and not reading, but I just couldn't get interested in the story or the characters.  I think Frodo and Sam's story was the only one that was even vaguely interesting to me.  Half the other characters I couldn't even remember who was who most of the time.


<dons flame-proof suit as I'm sure the zealots out there will want to attack me for that>

The other series I finished was the Mallorean by David Eddings.  Now *that* is a series that holds my interest!  Have read the Belgariad and Mallorean through twice now.  All these years I've called it the MAL-or-EE-an, probably because that's how Sami said it when he introduced it to me.  But in July when we were in Queensland Chay called it the Mal-OR-ean, which sounded completely bizarre to me.  David and Stu also thought it should be Mal-OR-ean.  I wonder how David Eddings pronounced it :)
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