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Ten Years

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So this little blog turned ten years old today!

Happy blogiversary to me! heh

Ten years, or a quarter of my life in writing and online.  Ten pretty big years with a lot of ups and downs, four big overseas holidays, a wedding, a new house, a new job.  And mostly all chronicled here, to varying levels of detail.

I had no idea when I started this blog how dependent on it I would become.  Simply as an easy place to find when I did things or find a photo to show someone.  A place to put photos online for friends/family/strangers. My only regret with the blog is not starting it earlier (even though there really wasn't such a thing much before 2003).

I had wanted to update the style/design of the blog, but ran out of time, on account of being away the entire Christmas holiday, and having last weekend taken up by simply FTPing files up and down.  So I may get something new online in the next little while.  Maybe.  The best I could do was update a few things like the footer, my blogroll and the site description, add navigation links to each entry, and republish the whole site (took twenty seven minutes this time).

Thanks to everyone that's come along for the ride, it's been great!

MT 5.2.2

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So after spending all day yesterday downloading a snapshot of my blog, and all of this morning uploading 5.2.2 to my host (their SSH appears to be down at the moment, so couldn't download and unzip on the host itself), I think I have upgraded this blog to Movable Type 5.2.2. 

I had to upload the support/themes directory to get my old theme content, as well as the reCAPTCHA and Gravatar plugins directories but I think that was about it.  

I've tested creating a new entry and commenting on it, but not comments on any old entries.

There's some more changes I want to make in the next few days, but if you notice anything broken in the meantime please let me know! (comments are currently broken on all old entries until I republish the site, which I'll do in a couple of days - I only want to do it once, as it'll probably take half an hour to run!)


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