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I was only in the car for a few minutes tonight driving home from James and George's, but just long enough to hear a few minutes of the Phil O'Neil show. Their topic of the moment was reality tv, and has it gone too far. The very last thing they asked before going to a song and I got home was "would you watch a live execution on tv?" I would have to say, probably not.

When I was in uni, we were shown a video in one of our general studies subjects in which two people were killed (in separate incidents). I'd never seen anything like this before, and I found it quite disturbing. So no, if I had the opportunity to watch an execution on tv, I would probably choose not to watch.

hrm that was rather macarb .. how about a this or that tuesday..

1. Holland or Netherlands? I call it the Netherlands
2. Emu or Ostrich? I've read the rest of these, and they are alternate names for the same thing. Emus and ostriches are not the same thing! They are entirely different birds
3. Biff or Happy? er..
4. Quincy or Braintree? who?
5. Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali? Depends on your context I suppose. I always think of him as Muhammad Ali
6. Instanbul or Constantinople? Istanbul
7. Pig or Swine? Pig
8. Barf or Puke? I probably use barf more often
9. Potatoes or Spuds? Potatoes more often, but I use spuds too
10. Squeeze Box or Accordion? Accordian

hrm well that was a bit of a silly one.

Another pretty sucky day at work today. I did manage to get through some of the crap peter left me with but spent too much of the day wishing I wasn't there. Never a good thing.

Went straight to James and George's for dinner, which was pretty chaotic (as usual) but the walk after was good (although we didn't go very far, just as far as Woollies to get milk and cucumbers).

Now I'm just watching the new series of Survivor. It's going to be an interesting one - it's boys against girls, and the girls seriously have no idea.

Now for this or that..

1. Black or white? Isn't that a Michael Jackson song..? :)
2. Plaid or stripes? In what context?
3. Paperback or hardcover books? Paperbacks are cheaper
4. Color or B&W printer? I have an Epson Stylus Colour 400
5. Golden oldies or the newest tunes? I grew up on music from 1988-1991 so music from around then always seems to appeal more than anything else
6. Ice cream: in a cone or a dish? You can get more in a dish :)
7. Bath or shower? I'm too impatient for baths, in fact I've never even had a bath since I moved in here two years ago
8. Are you outgoing or shy? Shy as
9. Answer the phone when it rings, or screen calls? I'll answer just about any call
10. VCR or TiVO? TiVO ?? I have a VCR but hoping to get a DVD-R in the next year or two

Went and saw James on Catch Phrase again today. Was a bit more fun this time. Another very long day though.

Striker came over tonight and we watched "The Negotiator" - very cool Kevin Spacey movie, I really enjoy it (seen it a few times now)

oh yeah, it's this or that tuesday.. hrm it's all about breakfasts.. seems to be a recurring theme in my blog!

1. Bacon or sausage? Bacon!
2. Eggs: scrambled or not? I usually like my eggs fried sunny side up, but don't mind them scrambled
3. French toast or regular toast? Regular. I had French Toast once - it was at McDonalds in Las Vegas in 1983, I was 9 :)
4. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes
5. Mufins or bagels? Muffins
6. Coffee or tea? Neither - yuk!
7. Juice: orange or grapefruit? Orange - I live on orange juice
8. Hot or cold cereal? Cold
9. To put in cereal: bananas or strawberries (or some other fruit)? I don't normally put anything on cereal, but if I had the above choice I'd choose strawberries
10. Eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant? Home, in bed (I've had breakfast in bed since I was a teenager


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Damn, missed the post .. er rather, I missed getting this post in by midnight, so now it's wednesday - oops! Oh well, time for a This or That Tuesday then, cause I'm too asleep to think of anything else..

1. Morning or night person? Probably a morning person. Although when I'm holidays I go to bed later and later each night. I think maybe my biocycle is 25 hours or something
2. Heavy or light sleeper? Fairly light
3. Remember your dreams or not? Sometimes
4. Do you need a lot of sleep, or just a little? I try to get 8 hours, but during the week it's mostly 6-7 hours
5. Do you need something like a nightlight or TV to sleep, or do you prefer complete darkness? Don't care, dark is good but some window light is also cool
6. Flannel sheets or some other kind? Flannel in winter, cotton in summer
7. One pillow, or more? Just the one
8. Bedroom door opened or closed at night? When I was 11 some irresponsible mother let us watch Friday 13th at a slumber party. I was never quite the same after that, and always kept my bedroom door at home closed at night, because we had a big garage and workshop downstairs and I was paranoid about people hiding somewhere. I feel much more secure in my unit and never bother closing the door
9. Wrap yourself into blankets like a cocoon, or just cover yourself with them? Just cover myself
10. Alarm clock: wake to music or buzzer? Music, a buzzer is too harsh

Well that was kind of appropriate, considering how sleepie I feel. Just gotta finish setting up this server before I go to bed...

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