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I hate notes

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Been fiddling with a stoopid notes problem with two docs that have been confused and now won't let me fix a field in them, but in the process came across this lovely friendly error message when refreshing a view:

Collation number specified negative or greater than number of collations in view

So I Google it and find the only page about it - an "I hate lotus notes" blog. Made me giggle. didn't have much either, just one page that noone responded to.

Why is that half the errors I get on my servers have never been seen by anyone else??

Getting an event id 20091 on the Blackberry server with the error: The following information is part of the event: Exception in ScanForNewMail for user {user}

The user is not getting any emails at the moment, but was previously getting the same single message over and over again. We deleted that email out of her mail file and they stopped coming, but nothing else has come through since it had started happening.

Will try recreating her setup on the Blackberry server, see if that fixes it. Presumably something is corrupt in her setup somewhere....

So had this user come in today. She says that up until recently (when she got back from overseas), her Blackberry would automatically suggest a folder to file an email message, based on where she filed the last message from a particular person. But now it's stopped doing this, and just defaults back to having Inbox selected, and she needs to scroll through all her folders to file the message.

Well my Blackberry was just defaulting to the Inbox also, and I'd never even noticed this before as I rarely file from my Blackberry.

So went hunting for a solution. These two other people posted the same problem, but no satisfactory solution.

If anyone's Googling how to automatically or intelligent or smart filing of messages on the Blackberry and you find a solution, please let me know :)

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