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I had to laugh. In fact I did, out loud. Until I realised that it'd probably be me that would need to fix it. Then I just sighed.

So *someone* reset all the permissions on the web drive of cia's w2k server (not mentioning any names ;) ). They were trying to remove the everyone full control, and must have hit apply to the entire drive. Several hundred users later..... like... WHOOPS.. hehe

So, since the old server was still online (they only upgraded it on the weekend), I figured it must be possible to do a dump of the permissions on the old machine, and apply them to the files on the new machine. So I came home and googled it. Turns out you can do it, in one line of code for each server.

To dump everything:
x:\subinacl.exe /noverbose /nostatistic /outputlog=output.log /subdirectories "w:\*.*" /display

To import everything:
x:\subinacl.exe /nostatistic /playfile "output.log"

Easy, right? Well not quite. The problem is, with so many files, the output log came to 665mb. And a bazillion entries of the old server name that needed to be changed to the new server name. Wordpad doesn't do this very easily! :) So on that note I'm leaving the file with James, who has grunty boxes to play with, to see if he can do the search and replace.

If not, Da-- oops, not mentioning any names ;) will have to dump the directory list and batch them to do them one at a time :)

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