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Green Stuff

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So last night I thought I'd top up the pool after vaccuuming out the last of the dust from the dust storm.  Except it was just before I started dinner preparations and I forgot to set a timer.  Then we were watching carols and I completely forgot about it.  Until I was sitting at my computer and hear water splattering all over the ground :(  Was most depressed that I'd wasted so much water :(  And then at 3am it started raining.  A lot.  The pool will be overflowing yet again.  On a lighter note, at least there's been so much rain that the catchments will have been replaced with all the water I wasted...

Canberra rainfall
Canberra rainfall


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It's a disaster!! 

Shorts that I've had since high school have disintegrated in the bottomnal region!!

I suppose I shouldn't complain - I've been wearing these shorts for probably eighteen years or so.  Timing could have been better though - now I only have one pair of shorts to wear over the break - the less comfortable denim ones (that I got in about 1991).  

Which means I'm going to have to go shorts shopping over the break.  I haven't bought any shorts in eighteen years.. I wonder if it'll be hard to find something I like that fits.....

Please Stop

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*sigh* MT just ate my post.  Well I was going to snip it anyway.

I give up.

The System

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