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Blah x2

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ok I think I've had more than my fair share of blah this week.  Just worn out.  Didn't even feel like drinking much tonight.  Maybe I'll just declare this week a failure and do something fun but unimportant tomorrow...


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Epic blah.

Can I go home now?
I've really not had *anything* interesting to say the past couple of weeks (well seven years really - holy crap have I been blogging that long?!?).

ok, why not a rant about ThinkGeek.  First, we have a $300 order, with a $127 postage fee.   


And then they want to subject me to anal probing:

Thank you for your recent order with ThinkGeek.  We would like to process
your order as soon as possible, but we need to verify some information
before this can be done. 

Acceptable verification information chose one of the following:
(A) (Credit Card orders only) A copy of the credit card used to order,
with only the last 4 digits showing AND a copy of your government issued
(B) (Credit Card or PayPal orders) A copy of a statement from a service
provider or financial institution, that shows the billing address
submitted during checkout.

Again.  WTF?!?

Given the ridiculous prices and postage fees, and now this, I doubt I'll be putting in a ThinkGeek order again any time soon, if ever.


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Worst day of overtime *ever* :(  What I was lead to believe would be an hour or two's work, turned out to be an eight hour slog, and had residual problems that are still going :(

Not happy Jan!!

Still missing spring

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Still feeling a bit jipped about a lack of spring.  It just skipped straight into summer.  Which would be ok except it's too *hot* to feel like doing much around the house.  Blah.

Much more relaxing day today, although I still don't have anyone (except me) using my proxies.  

And not even getting a full weekend.. *sigh*


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Just when I thought I couldn't get any busier this week, I remember that all my ebay auctions are finishing tonight and tomorrow night.  Which means before Wednesday I have to put together an entire trivia night, get some proxies into production, package and document twenty sets of lego, and sleep.  There's just not enough hours to do everything I need to do.  Panic!!


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Spent entirely too much of today on Trivia Night nonsense, and still nowhere near organised.  Gonna be out half of tomorrow and Monday night, which leaves a whole day and half to complete the entire thing before Wednesday night. And at the rate we're going there'll only be a few tables and the whole thing will be a waste of effort.  *sigh*
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