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My weather widget says it's -1C !!!  eeep!!!
  • Perl at my hosting provider, which has broken my captchas, which has broken commenting on my blog
  • FTPing in Windows 7
  • Printing in Windows 7
I haven't bitched too much about Windows 7 yet.  Probably because I haven't really had the time to poke around with it.  

But I did try to install a printer today.  Just our ancient HP 2100.  

I failed.

Windows 7 doesn't come with a driver for it, HP doesn't have Windows 7 drivers, and the Vista driver doesn't work.  PCL XL error.  Dunno if trying any other drivers (eg for server 2008) would work.....


Friday stuff

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  • sliced my fingers open cooking dinner
  • went on strike
  • watched Innerspace, was fun
  • captchas on my blog still broken. 
  • ftp doesn't work very well in windows 7.  CuteFTP, windows ftp, both have all sorts of connection problems, either in passive mode or not
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