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So me little brother was in town tonight so him and Shane and Chris and us decided to meet at Central Cafe.

Except it was closed!?!?!?

Apparently for renovations but seriously, WTF???!!?

So we wandered up the road to the Golden Ocean Chinese Restaurant.  Where even after we'd all turned up, it was still a good half an hour before we got *any* service.  It was so epic fail it wasn't funny.  The food was average, but definitely won't ever be going back!

I hate CSS!!

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ARgghhh!  CSS is enough to drive anyone to tear their hair out!!

Been working on a template thingie for displaying photos in a polaroid kind of a style.  Terribly frustrating. 

Which is why I'm not a web designer.. I'd probably give myself an ulcer :/

Oh no!

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So I got an email from my mother today.  She has found my blog!! eeep!!  That is somewhat scary....!!!
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