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So this is shaping up to be one of the worst New Years ever.

First my camera ...  which fortunately only seems to have damaged the UV filter.. the zoom is a little sticky, but still seems to be able to focus ok ..


Then everyone seems to be tired and grumpy with each other.. actually no it must be just me that's tired and grumpy, and so everyone is sick of me. 



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I *was* going to rave on yesterday about how wonderful the wedding video my brother and SIL recorded and produced for us was, but because I didn't get to my computer for long enough to do it, that was enough grounds to be dissed in public. 

Still cut up about it.

Two days

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Chay and David have been here for two days now, and as such I've barely been at my computer.

So when I log on this morning and see comments about evicting people and complaining about lack of feedback, I get pretty pissed off.

Might blog properly later.


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Parents (and brother) came down this afternoon.  Except they need entertaining .. actually no it'd happen anyway .. Mum gets bored and just hovers over me to see what I'm doing .. all the time...!!

Is very tiring .. :/

They've gone to bed now, so have the computer screen to myself briefly to blog .. 

Early morning tomorrow.. some of us need to be at the airport at 8:20 .. and I get the easy end - Chay and David have to be at their airport at 5am ?!??!!!   *comfort* in advance guys! :)

Epic Fail

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Today was epic fail.

Spent the entire day trying frantically to get an application released into production.

In the end, both the front end website and the authentication server had problems that we couldn't resolve.

If I can't get them going by lunch time tomorrow I'll be very sad :(


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Had an absolutely crap night sleep last night.  A decent chunk of it stressing about on-call and work, and the rest feeling either too hot or too cold, with horribly itchy skin. 

So this morning I felt like a complete zombie :(

Not helped by working a ten hour, stressful day at work :(

Can I go home now?
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