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Hotel phone rang at 6 this morning :(  Dunno if it was a wakeup call or a prank or what :(

Using our last bit of internet before we pack up for our last day here.  Going to be a *very* long trip home....
So we were driving into Ulm last night to do the washing, and saw this big red flash.  Of course the first thing I thought was hidden speed camera, so looked over and it said about 63 on the speedo.  So wasn't sure what it was about, given that the last speed limit sign we'd seen had said 80km/h was the limit.

Anyways we went down the same bit of road this morning looking carefully at the speed limits, and sure enough, the last one before the camera is 80.  So unless there's a hidden sign somewhere or some other indication of the change of speed limit (and even if there is), I'm gonna be pretty pissed if we get a fine :(
Make it stop!!

Our hotel in Dresden is right over a big pedestrian mall/plaza thing.. and it being Saturday night there's live music happening.  The music stopped a while ago after "Strangers in the Night" so they could have some fireworks.. so that was bad enough that it was still in my head... but the fireworks just finished and the song is back!!! arrghghhghghhh!!!
1. Where in this place do you all go to the toilet???
I've so far seen *one* public toilet since we've been here - at the main station for 1.10 euro.  Where is everyone meant to go??  Yesterday one of the places we ate had a toilet, but this doesn't seem to be universal.  Most distressing!!

2.  Where do you expect tourists to do their laundry?
Presumably many hotels would have a laundry service, but ours doesn't.  By chance we found a waschsalon so have bookmarked this for when we're in other cities...
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