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So went along to Stu's farewell lunch at his work..



eBay Rage

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So eBay have had a couple of announcements in the last two weeks that freak me out somewhat.

The first was the announcement that PayPal and cash-on-delivery will be the only permitted ways of making payments for items on eBay (link). When I first saw this I thought it was an April Fool's joke. Except that it was April 10. eBay already rip people off with their fees, and now they want even more of the takings with PayPal fees. It's criminal!

The second is the Big-Brother monitoring they will be doing of accounts (link). If you list an item from a different computer, they may call you to see if it's really you. Now I can see the logic and security model of doing this, but I'd hate to think what could happen if they got it in their heads that you weren't who you said you were and they lock the account...


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Think the sparrow might be dead somewhere.  It didn't come out for food yesterday.  So it might have gotten trapped somewhere.  Great.  If we don't find it it'll prolly stink the house out somewhat :/

Oh yeah..

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.. and the frigging little sparrow has taken to hiding behind things, rather than trying to fly out the windows.  Which makes it nearly impossible to catch.  Wasted twenty minutes of my life this morning chasing the little bugger.

The Negative

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We watched Serenity tonight after watching all of Firefly through (for me the third time).  I'd seen the movie after having only watched the pilot the first time.  But didn't enjoy it so much this time.  It didn't finish things off satisfactorily and it didn't have quite the same feel as the series and I just didn't like it as much.  Maybe that was just me.

But D was there and afterwards stated that he hated U2, and then said he liked the house but complained about the mess and why not get a cleaner.  Which just rubbed me the wrong way.  As it would anyone that's had a few drinks I'm sure.

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