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I tried to electrocute myself yesterday.

I failed.

ok so I wasn't doing it deliberately. And the house decided it didn't want me to die so it switched itself off. Stu would probably think that a good thing :)

Toaster oven whoops

I'm really rather annoyed at myself. One, because I usually check to make sure the cord is not touching the toaster oven, but didn't this time. And two because now I can't use it :(

When we were getting lunch, this little brat was moving his chair to deliberately make a horrible and very loud high pitched squeal.  Over and over again.  I actually told him to stop because it was so distressing, but when he could see that I was upset by it he grinned and did it all the more.  If I had a kid like that, I'd either be committed to a mental asylum, or to prison after killing him. 

Of course the drop-kick father didn't even try to stop him.

People suck.
#24.  To buy a 10mL bottle of paint costs 50km on your car and four and a half hours of your life.

That's one reason I dislike Canberra.  Stuff is just so far away.  You can't just do anything "on the way home".  You have to dedicate a whole day to it.

And of course by the time you actually get home (in this case after 4pm), you're too exhausted to actually do anything, and the day may as well be over.  *blip* there goes half my weekend :(

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