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I think I'm dying of a sore throat. It started off two days ago as the sort of sore throat you get when you're coming down with a cold or flu. Except the cold/flu part never came, and the throat keeps getting sorer and sorer :(:(

We had offloaded the kids last night, so had all these plans for last night and this morning. Most of which have been stuffed up by me :( Yeah so I feel like crap now, in more ways than one.

So instead of going to Ascot Provisions without the kids for breakfast, I'm off to the doctor.


So I *finally* today took ownership of my mobile phone number from the uni. I chose Optus because the Vodafone access in my building *sux* but I generally hate Telstra as a company.

Optus is no frigging better than Vodafone!! :(

Will keep testing it all day tomorrow but it's looking likely that I will have to go with Telstra (who have repeaters all through our building)


Christmas.. hrmm..

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So we were planning to have all Stu's family over on Christmas day. Except in-laws are coming which is going to change the whole dynamic of the day :(

Oh, and we've set a wedding date.. It's all official-like and everythink.

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