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Telstra are Bumheads

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My plans for today included setting up/sorting out emails, blogging my holiday, and Freecycling some things.

But because Telstra are bumheads I didn't get to do these things. They broke our phone line after lunch today and it's not expected to be repaired til tomorrow night. Yay. Another full day without internet, just what I need when I have so much to do. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I did spend *hours* unpacking and tetrising things into cupboards, and found two multi babies in the multi tank...

UPDATE: It wasn't Telstra exactly, it was some contractor that cut through a fibre optic cable.. yayy..

Vista is retarded

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I have Vista Home Premium edition.

This edition does not come with the Local Security Policy editor - gpedit.msc *or* secpol.msc

How fricken retarded is that???

To fiddle with things like your NTLM settings, you have to hack the registry.

Yet another reason that Vista sux.

I'll blog my holiday eventually.

Verdict: Vista Sux!!

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ok so I've been using Vista for less than a day now.

It completely and utterly sux.

I should have listened to everything I've ever heard and gone with XP.

Problem 1: Crap backup

You don't get NTbackup anymore. You get some other homegrown Vista backup. Which is crap. You can't actually choose a folder to backup. You can just choose the type of files to backup. Completely and utterly useless. Apparently people have complained so much that Microsoft has made ntbackup available for download for Vista. Unfortunately it only does restores of XP files. To do actual backups you still need to grab ntbackup from an XP machine. This of course doesn't let you do system state. Presumably one of the other recovery options lets you recover the actual system if it gets lost. Haven't read up too much on that.

Problem 2: Moving Files

In every other (Windows) operating system released by Microsoft, moving files on your hard drive was a simple drag and drop and would be done in a split second. Now when you move files it sits there and *calculates* all the files you have to move. WTF???? I aborted a move of about 10gb of files after it said it was going to take 90 days to complete. Only to find it had moved about half of the files after about 5 minutes. Did the other directories piecemeal so that I could watch them go. What a piece of frigging crap.

Problem 3: Mysterious Permission Denieds

When I was moving some of my files, at one point it barfed and said permission denied moving the files. No explanation why. I moved on and did other directories and came back to the problematic one later. I tried moving the subdirectories themselves, only to have it finally say it couldn't move the putty directory because it was in use (I was actually using putty at the time). Why it couldn't tell me this when I was doing the upper level directory I don't know.

Problem 4: Stoopid views

If you have a directory with mostly images, it decides they're photos and makes stoopid views accordingly. Like with tags and ratings and "date taken". Give me standard columns dammit!! So I set my views back to the way I like them and say reset folders. Except that it won't do that to *all* folders, only folders of the same type was what I'm in now. Picture folders are their own type and you have to do them separately. So I try going to an upper level folder and going customize and setting all subfolders to be this type and CRASH EXPLORER!!!! Strangely enough, it seemed to actually reset all the sub-folders to the default style I'd set, even though it had crashed.

Problem 5: Memory

Vista is bloatware to the max. To the point of only running it for less than 24 hours and it had completely run out of memory. I have 3gb of physical memory. You'd think that would be enough. Apparently not. It seems you need to reboot every six hours even with 3gb of memory and not actually *doing* anything. When I got back from dinner it had gone into powersaving mode and couldn't be recovered. The hard disk was churning away, but nothing would come up on screen. No frigging idea what it was doing. Ended up cold booting the bastard.

Problem 6: Weird IE translations

WTF? Every time my mouse hovers over a word I get some weird translation of what it means in some other language?? Huh??? What is that? How do I turn it off????

Really really pissed with Vista (and James). I should have listened to my heart and gotten XP.

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