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I swear I'm glad I don't have to put up with that group (or more specifically one of its moderators) for much longer.

Just had another one of my posts rejected. No reason why. I'm *guessing* that they don't like my suburb anymore (they used to).

Far out I'm pissed off. And I can't complain about it to anyone. Complaining is not going to get my message out, just hinder it.

I don't have time for this nonsense. Was hoping to get rid of some things this weekend, and now she's not likely to moderate again til some time tomorrow when it's too late for responses.

No soup for you! Frigging nazi.


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I'm stressed :(


So comments have been broken since yesterday. The script that generates the image of the number is giving an internal server error. Probably they've turned off Perl GD or something silly like that. But whatever.

But overnight I got a comment spam!!!!!! How the hell did that happen?? I've long suspected there's been a way around the captcha, because of the number of comment spams that still get through - too many for spammers to be typing them in manually (and the ips are all different anyway). This confirms it.

Which means I'm gonna have to look into some other way around it. Except I'm sure any other method will require having to upgrade my MT installation :(

Comments is broked

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Comments are broken. The image generator thingie is broked. Quite possibly perl GD isn't working. But no comments is preferable to five hundred comment spams by morning.. sorry ..

Flu and other tales

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So I have this dilema: I can't get to sleep easily on my back or side, but if I lay on my tummy my nose either drips like a leaky tap, or alternatively, blocks up completely whereby I'm forced to breathe through my mouth, resulting in puddles of drool on my pillow.

Enough fun imagery so far? heh

So I lay awake in bed for another couple of hours last night, feeling completely miserable because I couldn't stop coughing, couldn't breathe, and therefore couldn't sleep. Not to mention every position simply *hurting* my head and neck. Not fun.

Today I ran out of pain killers and, even more disastrously for tonight, tissues. So it was off to the local shopping centre. Which I *hate* doing on a weekend. Even when I'm not sick. Things were only mildly traumatic getting there, I found a parking spot right by the entrance to the car park (you always want a spot near the exits, not the popular spots by the shops - is good to be able to make a quick getaway).

First stop, the pharmacy. There's about a billion different cold and flu medications. The thing I got last time doesn't exist anymore. Well it does, but it has phenylphrine instead of pseudoephedrine. Cause we can't have the druggies making stuff out of them can we? sigh.

The supermarket stop was ok, although I did buy about three times as many things there that were on my list. Including a chook that I'll roast tomorrow (hey, it was on special! heh).

However coming back to the car, some hothead was trying to reverse into a spot, and someone was in their way behind them. The first I knew of this was when one of them (dunno which) BLASTED their horn just metres from my already throbbing head. With two arms full of shopping I had to endure it. Arrgghhh!! Ouch!! :( What a bunch of bumheads.

Have taken drugs. Hope they kick in soon.


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  • I don't have to go to work today on account of government paranoia (thanks Dubya) but I'm sick and quite possibly wouldn't have anyway
  • I took like three hours to get to sleep last night on account of having to cough my lungs out and eating too much home-made pizza (and maybe a glass or two too much vodka and vanilla coke), only to wake up at 7:30 starving.

    I didn't want to get up, cause the moving would set off the coughing. But it was unavoidable. So have had breakfast and coughing my lungs up again, and when that settles down, will attempt to get more sleep.

  • Sick

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    I'm sick.

    Was a bit sick last night. Definitely sick tonight.

    Dunno if will go to work tomorrow.. Jodi would shoot me if she got sick just in time for her holiday...

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