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The frigging smoke detector wouldn't stop beeping.
Every minute.




First problem: how the heck to reach the thing mounted on the roof. I don't have a ladder. The chairs get me nowhere near the roof. So moved over my model bookshelf and climbed up on top of that. Talk about an oh&s disaster. *sigh*

But pulling the battery out made no difference (and the battery is all new and tingly, so the detector must just be confused). But I think, after pulling the battery out and killing the whole light circuit in the flat, that there was some capacitance leftover, cause it was still beeping for a few minutes.

But no more!! There is silence!!! Now maybe I can get some sleep!!!!

They're leaving

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Two of my best friends are moving to the other side of the universe (ok, the other side of Sydney). /me somewhat sad

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