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Why won't the parents accept "I don't know" as an answer to "what are you doing for your wedding?" They don't stop at "what are you doing?". When they don't get an answer to that it's "do you have *any idea* what you're doing?" Flipping heck. Really stressing me out :(

That and my mail server spacked again tonight and threatened not to reboot, and that it's *always* hot in here even when the rest of the unit is pleasantly cool after a cool change blew through, and that getting home late means a late night after all the other housekeeping nonsense is done, and I'm one tired/stressed girl :(


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Hot. Sweaty. A bit sore. Tired.


All for McNaught

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So I didn't think to looking for comets the last two nights. So I was going to go have a look tonight. Except clouds started forming over the western sky during the afternoon. So I didn't go out. Gave up on the idea as a bad joke. I went outside a little while ago and there were a couple of openings in the clouds. But too many buildings and trees in the way. I think this is another one of those things I'm destined never to see.


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