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Spent a whole bunch more time on the phone today. I literally felt like this guy was a leech - leeching my day and energy away from me. Maybe I should just not answer the phone at all tomorrow. Try and catch up on the rest of the crap in my inbox. In the very little time that I'll have at work tomorrow. I'd rather be enjoying it than having the energy drained out of me.

Baggage Blues

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Frigging Virgin Blue "Baggage Blues". After repeatedly calling them and being told a different thing literally every time, this last woman I talked to said there was "no possible way" that my memory card would be still on the plane. I'm not convinced, and I'm quite sure noone has actually looked. I know which plane it was on. I know that memory cards won't necessarily get sucked up a vacuum cleaner. I know that something could very likely be pushed into the corner (I was in the back row) and missed. But noone would *look*. They just said "no way". Yeah thanks. For nothing.


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So my message to Sydney central freecycle was rejected because (and I quote):
"Freecycle.org has a guideline of no "first come first served" posts."
Then today they approved this:
... <snip> ... First come first served!
ok, so yes, it was different moderators, but flipping heck, get your act together guys!! If you're going to reject mine, then this should have been rejected too. Flipping.

Work was just insane. Three or four things all happening at once all day. Spent half of it on the phone. Thoroughly sick of it all, given that I was hoping for a nice quiet lead up to Christmas. pffft.

And just for fun :/
Santa got run over

Freecycle let me down

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So I left it a little late (like 2pm today), but I put up a big notice on three Sydney freecycle groups with a whole *stack* of stuff, and said come by the garage tomorrow and take what you want. Well the South Sydney one posted my thing, although only two responses for it so far. The Central one said "you can't do open garages, you have to allocate specific things to specific people" (like wtf??) so I posted again straight away changing the wording, but they ignored that one; and the East one hasn't posted anything at all. What a bunch of tossers. Council cleanup is on Monday so I wanted to put stuff out that was leftover, but I can't bear to throw out stuff that people might want. So now I'm stuck and pissed off at the whole thing.

Everything I have (and some more not there) is here. Anyone want anything?

Really? Do I have to?? Work thoroughly sucked today. Insomnia last night certainly didn't help either. By the end of the day I was sick of people. Sick of work. Sick of things not working. Over tired. So came home and got some crap done and felt a lot better. Even went for a walk. And Google-earthed Stu's recent WA pictures. And played some geography games. The thought of having to go to work tomorrow is depressing though :(

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