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Getting home late sux

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Get home. Have dinner. Get ready for bed. That's literally all I've done tonight.

/me collapses in a heap.

Flippin heck

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While my November is chockers, my December is almost completely blank. I have two things on - on the 1st and the 2nd. The rest of the month is free.

So cia decides to have its Christmas party on the 1st. Flipping heck! I have so little on during December the chances of double bookings should be pretty low. But no.

So now have to decide which one to go to :(

To the f@#$er who, when I was stuck on a two lane road behind someone turning right, and after my path was clear I accelerated to make up lost ground, decided that my acceleration was blocking him from merging *into the side of me* and started f@#%ing beeping at me, and then when I turned off later beeped me again - fuck off and die!!!!!

To my f@#$ing neighbours who persist in leaving the *security front door* latched open, making this not a security building anymore - fuck off and die!!!!!

A little harsh perhaps? Shrug. People suck.

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