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Looks like we're going to have to spend $60k to get a new hydrant put in for fire safety. *yay* :/

Other than that the general meeting went fairly smoothly.


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So I'm driving up my back lane this arvo, and there's a small truck coming the other way. Now in the places where there are cars parked only one car can drive through at a time. So I was cruising slowly up the free section waiting for the oncoming truck to clear the parked cars so he could pass me. Note that I'm doing probably 20km/h. So this truck, clears the parked cars and keeps coming straight at me. At the last moment he swerves to his side of the road and shouts through his window "slow down!!" .. and I'm like WTF?????

What a f@#%wit >:(


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Bit of a suck day today. Couldn't get to sleep last night. Then had a headache all day so didn't get much work done. Then got home quite late (although it was good to catch up with Campbell) so my time at home was already limited then Thorpey needed some help with fixing up a script. So suddenly it's nearly 10pm and I've barely had time to breathe :/

And the little javascript buttons in Movable Type don't work in the latest version of Firefox. So I *have* to use IE if I want to use them. And the latest version of Firefox also appears to have the "sometimes-won't-copy" bug. Whereby you highlight something and copy to clipboard, but it doesn't actually copy, it just clears the clipboard. For such a massive bug you'd think they'd have fixed it by now. It drives me completely nuts at work. And they say IE is buggy....

Anyway, for a bit of fun check this out - http://www.lovepixel.idv.tw/ - which further proves that some people have *way* too much time on their hands :)

Is it just me?

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Is it just me, or do the buttons for bold, italic and url not show up in Firefox in Movable Type 2.661? Firefox seems to be ignoring the inline javascript and not printing the buttons. Which means I need to go back to IE to post messages if I want to include url links without having to type them manually. Grunties.

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