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I'm coming down with something. I feel like crap.


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I've had a crap week.
And it keeps on getting crapper.

St George

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St George sent me a letter today saying they were changing their fees. One of their changes is to increase the fee-free threshold from $1000 to $3000. Well that's just ridiculous. I'm not going to waste $3000 that could be in my mortgage ($1000 was bad enough!!). And I don't believe in paying bank fees. So I think I will be closing the account. I only keep it as a backup, somewhere for people to put money from ebay, another emergency credit card. But it's not worth it for $6 or whatever it is a month.


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Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. So much work to do at work and don't know where to start. Haven't done dishes since the weekend, and things are starting to smell. Videos all filled up that I haven't watched. Fish tanks to be water changed. Blogs to be read. Stu with no internet, no blackberry and currently no landline (well limited access anyway), and no instant messaging at work. So at the moment we're reduced to emails during the day and smses at other times. The cost of smses alone are going to make a blackberry worthwhile heh. Either that or he needs a much better plan. Feeling somewhat out of control and missing Stu at the moment :(

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