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So I've been needing new shoes for a while now. But they don't make ladies laceup shoe-boot things. ie, a shoe with a high ankle, or a boot. If you're lucky at the beginning of the winter season, apparently some stores have get a very small stock of them.

So when I found a store last week that had three pairs of black lace up boots I thought *bargain* and got a pair. Unfortunately I didn't really try them on properly - that is, I didn't do them up and walk around. I was just happy that my toes weren't hitting the end like they were in the other pair they had. They also had a bit of a higher heel, and looked quite nice.

Really dumb idea.

Even dumber was not really trying them around the house before taking them outside. So I went out with them before I really realised that the heel made walking just that much more difficult, plus they were too big and I was sliding around in them. Not good.

So a couple of days I went back to try on the flat soled pair, thinking I'd save these other shoes for more formal, less walky type activities. This time I did them up and walked around for a bit and decided they'd probably do the job.

Except they feel really flimsy, very little support, and the corner of my heels rub in the joins.

So. $155 and two pairs of shoes later, and I'm still no closer to having some shoes that I feel I can wear for 8-10 thousand steps a day.

What can you do?

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So Jim and John went skiing last weekend. They didn't tell me this before they went. They just all went. Forgetting any sort of practical issues with the situation, they still *went without me*.

So this morning Jim says to me "do you want to see some pictures?", to which I said "will I get jealous?" and complained that they keep going off without me. To which he said "oh as your employer I have to distance myself". Yah. Right. I wonder if it'd be any different if I weren't a girl.

So now I'm debating whether I want to keep lunching with them. It's not like I'll *ever* be counted as a "friend". I could start taking my own lunch in and save some money. And chat to Stu if he's at his desk. I dunno. What do people think?

Still awake

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Can't breathe. Can't sleep. Getting annoyed.


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ok I don't actually feel all that bad.. I just can't breathe .. at least not through my nose anyway, so my mouth is really dry
gack gack gack

colds is no fun

Damned Google Earth

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1) Engrossing me so utterly
2) Not saving place markers until you quit the application

So I spent nearly two hours tonight placing markers for all my photos over LA last year. I had finished, and was thinking about quitting and reloading the application, but I thought I'd show Richard the flyover first, and the really cool trajectory of dots across the city. Was doing that for a bit and suddenly there was silence and darkness. Blackout. I lost everything. Not happy Jan!

Oh well, at least I should be able to find the spots I'd marked on Google Earth a bit quicker next time. For example I know whereabouts on Santa Catalina Island a few of my photos were, which should save some time, as they took quite a while to find the first time.

We then had to shutdown servers, as the upses don't last very long. However the upses really really don't last very long, and I managed three machines and Sami managed one before one ups drained its battery and shut down, leaving servers on one power supply connected to other upses, which put those upses into overload condition, and they promptly shutdown as well, leaving the room in silence, aside from the beeping of the remaining unhappy upses.

Fifteen minutes later power was restored, so then I had to make sure machines all booted up properly. Funfullness.

Notes to self: Get torches in case of power failures. Script or otherwise improve the speed of shutdown of servers in full power failure.

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