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So this afternoon I was bemoaning the fact I had to notes programming, and would rather be doing sysadmin.

Well one of my servers must have heard me, because it decided to get hacked. We're pretty certain it was from a vulnerability in the Backup Exec remote client. A patch had been released fairly recently, but we hadn't installed it yet (I mean who patches Backup Exec within two weeks of patches being released??). I noticed a couple of weird processes running - door.exe and door1.exe. And a bunch of other crap as well. I noted the time of the intrusion, and we caught it withing about half an hour. Stopped all the backup exec services on all the other machines until they could be patched, and so far so good.

But my poor little server was full of extra services, dodgy files and who knows what else, so we decided to go back to an earlier version of the system (fortunately recorded just a couple of hours before the intrusion). Ghosting the system back to a clean one to begin with was a disaster. For reasons unknown it just chugged through loading the image. So I gave up on that and just reinstalled windows clean, and then restored the backup over the top. Followed by upgrading to service pack 1, and windows update, and a ghost image of the final product for good measure.

Then of course came the fun of making sure everything else was patched, that backups were going to work, system account passwords were changed, etc.

Then I get home and the mail server has spacked as well and needed to be rebooted.


First time I've ever had a compromised machine in a seven year career. Not pleasant.


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I never get sick. Well almost never. So when I actually do get sick, it hits hard. Sunday afternoon I started coughing. Monday I sat staring at my screen all day getting nothing done. Today I stayed at home and lay in bed all day. Spent the morning freezing to death, despite being rugged up with beanie, bed sox, doona and the heater on. This afternoon got positively delirious with heat before things settled down somewhat later this arvo.

Didn't get any real sleep, but will be interesting to see if I get any tonight. And dunno about work tomorrow yet either.

My land line rang a couple of times today. I wonder who would be calling. Telemarketers most likely.

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