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So after nearly a month of not having my new phone cause the speaker was crap and I sent it back but then the repairer had it marked completed two weeks ago but they hadn't bothered to send it back and I was calling up Vodafone every day trying to find out where it was, I finally got a new phone today.

And it's got the same f!@#ing problem with a crap speaker!! >:(

The speaker just whines and sounds awful. It left me completely demoralised because now I'm in for *another* fight to get a working phone.


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So it seems that a neighbour war is going to cost *me* thousands of dollars >:(

It's all very convoluted, but someone's vindictiveness led to a complaint to council about fire safety. And compliance (hose reels, hydrants, exit signs, portable fire extinguishers, fire and smoke alarms and the like) is going to cost thousands. Well the dude is turning up at 7am. With 30 flats to do, I'll be lucky to be out of here by 10am

hurrumph >:(

So in the post tonight there's a letter from the managing agent. There will be a "fire inspection" on Thursday at 7am. WTF?? They expect us to be home and yet they only give us **36 HOURS NOTICE**????

So now I have to clean up the flat which I was planning to do on the weekend in the space of an hour, and be dressed and ready by 7am on Thursday. That's just crap!


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suck day.

after having complained to friend #1 last week about not getting invited to "family" stuff cause it's "family" stuff, I find out that literally three days later they all went rock climbing together. Without me. I've totally had enough of them.

and the sorest part of me is still my neck muscles from holding my head back last night.

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