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More crap

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More crap. Went to the CBS website to lookup the new Survivor, but thought I'd have a quick look at The Amazing Race. There are two online, 6 and 7. So I thought I'd be safe to look at 6 as I thought that would be the one we saw finish at the end of last year. Wrong. Accidently found out the winner of the series currently airing in oz >:(

More crap. Decided the problem with my friends is unsolvable, because they are all in the same family. Which means things they do together as "family stuff" I see as my friends doing stuff without me. It's truly a lost cause.

TV and other rants

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There's too much on tv at the moment

SBS, 7:30 - English language special (last episode next week)
SBS, 7:30 - Mythbusters
7, 8:30 - Desperate Housewives
9, 7:30 - Survivor X
9, 9:30 - CSI New York (with csi original in the middle)
7, 9:30 - Border Security
7, 10:00 - Zero Hour (two more episodes left)
9, 8:30 - er
7, 8:30 - Lost
7, 9:30 - Amazing Race

And then friend #1 let it slip that I don't get invited to do stuff with them because I'm too moody and hard to get along with. With friends like that, who needs enemies.


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Figured out my apache permissions problem. It was a windoze permissions problem. Apache config was fine after all.

How many years have I been in this industry, and how many hours did it take to occur to me???

That, and the fact my so-called best friends really aren't, makes me just want to jump out a window (or off a balcony).

Apache crap

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I had a whim today. Install Apache on my NT4 P166 instead of IIS so I could setup rewrite rules to stop people stealing my images.

That was at 2:20 this afternoon, and it still isn't working right.

The server itself worked ok, but then I tried to tweak it. Things were going well until I fubared something in the process of trying to get it to show indexes of directories that don't have index files. So that stuffed things for a while.

I had to make several things work - .htaccess files to password protect directories. Check. Indexing directories that don't have index files. Check. Hotlink protection rewrite rules. Check.

So then, looking like everything was working, I tackled virtual hosts. I host ten sites on that little box, but do you think I can make any of them work? Big fat no. Been at it all night. No matter what configuration of httpd.conf I use, I either get permission denied when trying to access the sites, or they simply bring up the default conspiracy site. Not to mention that I'm trying to do all of this over vnc on a 9 year old computer. It's been one painful experience. Who says apache is better than IIS ?? If I can't make it work tomorrow I'll be going back to IIS.


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Was gonna rant this morning about how much I hate people, cause they totally suck, and are totally selfish, and you see the worst of people on the roads. Then was gonna rant about how *they* are just as likely to go skiing in NZ this year and not let me come. And if they do that I don't think I could ever have lunch with them again, because I mean how many lunches do you have to have with people to become friends with them? And if you're never going to be friends, then really what's the point?

But now I really couldn't be bothered. Had a very pleasant evening with James and George, and feeling like just collapsing into bed.

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