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I hate shopping on a Saturday, and only do it if it's an emergency. Such was today.

Saturday Shoppers, like Sunday Drivers, live in their own worlds. They don't care as pedestrians if they just wander in front of cars in parking lots. They just stop in their cars and block the way for everyone else, all to get that only car space within 10 metres of the shop entrance. They wander in diagonals in the shops, cutting you off as you try to pass them. They stand in a daze in front of shelves, blocking the ailses completely. Basically they're in no hurry and don't give a damn about anyone else that may have no interest in spending twice as long shopping as they need to.

Give me after business hours shopping any day!!


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My puta crashed this morning - beeped quietly, then froze completely. Checkdisk on startup also froze. Not good. Got into windows eventually, but lost my profile folder completely, and found 16kb in bad sectors. Very not good. This is the disk that did 10000 miles in the boot round America and Canada, so it's possible all the vibrations weren't good for it. I think I'm going to get another disk, and use the sick one as a general carthorse for copying big stuff around. But for now I need to get everything off it (as it's crashing so often being the system disk that it's unsable). I brought home a 40gb disk from work and am copying everything onto it. Then I'll nuke all the partitions and format everything on the sick disk, and with a little luck may be able to use it again. But I'm still going to have to reinstall windows at some point. I'm thinking I may put a little 3gb disk in just for windows. Easy to ghost that way to save reinstalling windoze again in the future.

Urgh, what a nightmare.

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