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Blanket Banning

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After comments had been turned off all day (I renamed the comment cgi but didn't rebuild), I turned it back on tonight and immediately the waste messages started coming through again (usually those sorts of scripts die after a while if they don't have access). So I've banned all of 66.*.*.* 67.*.*.* 68.*.*.* 69.*.*.* and 24.*.*.* as these were where the majority of the messages were coming from. I have no idea what impact such a big ban will have, so email me if you have any problems.

Unfortunately it hasn't stopped all of the messages, there's just too many hacked computers all over the world flooding me :(:(:(


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This site is defaced!!!


NeverEverNoSanity WebWorm generation 21.

this is not good ... got hit 20 minutes ago, now have to go and find out how

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