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Still no closer

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OK so I spent the entire weekend trying to clean up the mess on the Host1 site. Almost accidently deleted the whole registration directory, doh! However I'm still not really any closer to figuring out how the whole process works. Warned Vic that I could make the changes by Go Live of Friday, but there'd be no guarantee of them working, and volunteered Kirk to clean up the mess :)

Also did a trial run of restoring all the data on the file server. It took literally all day, several problems. Go Live of Saturday is a monstrously scary thought.


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Have I ever mentioned I how much I hate mess?!? Especially when other people come along and mess up stuff you've kept beautifully tidy for years. So I spent the better part of today cleaning up other people's messes, so that I can make an attempt at finding which web pages need to be updated tomorrow.

On a lighter note, I finished the latest lego mosaic I'm making, with the exception of some yellow and dark grey bricks that I'll need to procure a supply of. And I drove northbound on the southbound Tom Ugly's bridge which was a novelty. Pity it was dark otherwise I would have taken some photos like I did on Southern Cross Drive one time

First problem of installing new pdu (power distribution unit): find long enough 15A power cables. String two together. Not ideal, but what can you do?

Thread cables. Disconnect old pdu. Earth new pdu and connect it. Connect power cables from servers. Nothing.


Disconnect new pdu. Earth old pdu and connect it. Connect power cables from servers. Everything happy again.


Powercycle file server (which had yesterday lost connection to its keyboard, and domain admin accounts don't have permission on the box, and no remote control access to the box - ie, you have to be able to logon to the console with a local account to do anything to it). NT4 machine. It decides to run a checkdisk. At 8am when people really want to start using it.


Wait the 20 minutes it takes to do the checkdisk. Machine comes back up. And hangs. Power cycle server. Machine comes back up. And hangs. Power cycle server. Half an hour later.

Test new pdu without anything important attached. Nothing. Connect pdu to different ups. Works. Reconnect pdu to first ups. Works.


It's always the first rule of tech support (is it plugged in?)

I hate windoze

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So I hit the approve tick box on xp sp2 on the sus server tonight. Watched the client machine on my test domain. Nothing. Steel myself for a long night. Look at the sus logs. Machines are downloading it, and saving up til 3am to install it. Oh well at least that's something. Although we've told everyone they're going to get it tomorrow morning, but they may not get it til the next morning.

Early start tomorrow, better to go to bed.

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