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I think gamera must have heard me complaining about it last night, because it decided to shut itself off at 6am this morning. I got paged, decided it would be too cruel to ask Campbell to go into the exchange for a third time this weekend, so decided to go in myself. I was out the door within fifteen minutes of waking up - all I did was have a shower and grab everything I needed.. I didn't even do my hair!

It's the second time it's hung like that this year, which is a disturbing trend. It's most likley a problem with the ide backup drive, but it could be something more sinister. Scary stuff. The sooner they hire someone to take proper care of that machine (and paid responsibility) the better. It's a three-year old installation of windows, that's been on two completely separate hardware boxes. If it weren't so impossible to move the 350-odd websites off it onto a clean box I'd suggest they do it. But as it is, it's full of crap that has been installed over the years because this or that customer wanted it, so now it's next to impossible to replicate. You couldn't rebuild that machine from scratch if you tried... sigh..

Dave commented on a similar problem on his site whereby people were not just stealing his photos, but actually linking directly to the images on his site, and thereby stealing his bandwidth. Well it seems the same thing has happened to me here

I posted a comment to her blog, I wonder if she'll take it down ;)

Kambrook Timer

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For quite a while I was number one in google for "kambrook timer". At the moment I'm number three. This should push up to number one again. I have three automatic timers for my fish tanks. Two of them are kambrook timers. The third is a dodgy-brothers noname version from Go Lo. Funnily enough it's the go lo one that works properly. One of my kambrook timers simply won't turn on for a morning session. The other has been losing time and is now an hour behind.

Silly really.

UPDATE: I've just deleted 27 comments saying "please send me the manual" - as there are now links to various manuals. This page has been indexed as a place to come for people looking for manuals, mostly for KET99, KD86, KD36 timers. Please read the links below before asking for a manual to be sent to you. This is a personal blog, I have no interest in Kambrook (as in my experience their products tend to be inferior to cheaper brands).

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