Rant: December 2003 Archives


The todo list is slipping badly. Everything takes a lot longer than it should and days are short. I sorely miss the three month holidays I used to get as a student.

I finished the bridge I was building last night, doesn't it look cool? I still have another one to make, but that's gonna have to wait a bit, I'm just too busy at the moment :/

24 hours and 17 minutes of this year left.

One that has bigger feet, so that I can go to a store and buy boots. I tried in three more stores today. Nothing in my size. Not even ordinary hiking boots, let alone black leather ones. Completely pisses me off.

Also one with a decent brain chemistry so that sort of thing doesn't stress me out to the point of crying.

It didn't help that I went to the Powerhouse Museum today for the last time on my membership card, only to find that the exhibition I wanted to see is only open between 10:30am-12:00pm Monday to Friday. Yay. Membership expires tomorrow. As do the four remaining free passes that I somehow never managed to find anyone to give them to.

Now feeling completely and utterly unmotivated to do anything. Only 8 days of holiday left, with more todo that can be done in that time :/

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