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I've had such a sucky day. I was positively bouncing yesterday compared with today. Perhaps it was sleeping in a different bed. Perhaps it was the hour and a half commute. Perhaps I just ran out of serotonin - used it all up yesterday or something :/ At any rate I had no energy all day and everything pissed me off. My boss even managed to stress me out within 30 seconds of coming into the office for the first time after he'd been away for a few weeks.

I've been looking for new boots for months but they don't make women's black boots, except in winter, if you're lucky enough to find them. So I'm going to have to get shoes instead or something.

I did find a very cool craft shop today, though, and got some plaster of paris. Going to try out the plaster and icing sugar mix and see if it makes any difference to the cockroach population here.

How sad

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My site has finally dropped off Google. Hits to my site have dwindled to almost nothing. I am back to square one. Oh well. I guess I'll work my way back up eventually. I'm sure google won't take that long to increase my rankings for such search terms as MacGyver DVD, care bear quizzes, creative cockroach control and the like. Although I will need to be linked to from other sites, so anyone that reads my blog can you please update your links?

While I'm at it, I should have a rant about Coldfusion. It has to be the dodgiest piece of software I've ever used. Every single time we've done an upgrade, things have gone wrong. This time, it refuses to talk to access databases. SQL databases are fine. Go figure. There's next to no help available online for the specific errors that I'm getting.. for example within the coldfusion administrator under Data Sources, it lists all the datasources, then at the bottom has this error:

Element ISJ2EE is undefined in DS

which of course has a grand total of two links in google (actually just subsequent posts in the one forum). After stuffing around with it for ages, and eventually getting it to the point where coldfusion pages weren't even being served anymore, I gave up and rebooted the server. At least we're back to where we were this morning.

I hate computers

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They keep me up late and make me get up early.

Sooo looking forward to a sleepin.

damned flipping

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Rebooted a server tonight, and it came back (I saw it respond to pings) but then 10 minutes later it was not pinging again. Have to go in at the crack of dawn tomorrow to kick it in the head.

But so far they're proving it by their latest scam - the SIP N FLIP 2 WIN promotion. I call it a scam because the only prize of any value - the $10 dstore evoucher - is impossible to claim.

The first time I tried to claim it, their site gave an sql error and wouldn't allow me to enter my details. I emailed them twice asking what could be done, and they completely ignored me. I still haven't received a reply.

The second time, with another code, I could enter my details ok, but it said I'd already registered and refused to go any further. So I still don't have a voucher. Time to call them up and call them scammers I think.

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