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About 15 years ago I started an origami model of a "Jackstone", using instructions in a book called "More Origami" by Robert Harbin. The book is so poorly illustrated that I never managed to get more than half way through the model because I simply couldn't get any further. And so it sat half built for around 10 years or so. Then a few years ago I somehow managed to get past that hurdle and actually managed to finish the thing. So last night I decided to give it another go. This time, with the aid of the internet, I've managed to get past the first hurdle, but still can't finish it. That is, I think I've gotten it right, and everything looks right, until it gets to one step where suddenly it's different from what I achieved in the previous step. I can see where things *should* go but can't see any way to get there. And of course noone else has ever bothered to put up some half decent instructions. The closest I have found was this site which had some tiny little jpgs showing just the first half of construction.

I ended up getting to bed far too late last night because I felt like I was so close to finishing that I should be able to do it in a few minutes. This was not to be. And I can't let it go now either. I'm not willing to concede defeat on something that should be obvious.


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I can't sleep in. I just can't do it. I wake up at my normal weekday time on weekends, which in this case is like 6:30. Then of course I'm hungry and need to go to the toilet so I have no chance of getting back to sleep feeling that uncomfortable. But of course once I get up, then I'm fully awake and can't get back to sleep anyway. It's enough to drive you crazy I tells ya.

Thinking of taking a mental health day on Monday, I'm dreading work so much. Haven't decided yet. It might not be as bad as I expect..

Previous paragraph snipped cause I think it would get me into too much trouble if anyone I know from work ever read it.

Feeling sucky at the moment. Grumpy and depressed and *really* not wanting to go to work.

I've been a day ahead of myself all week. Wishing tonight was Friday so I could release a little dopamine and sleep in. Maybe I should chuck a sickie tomorrow and use up some of time in lieu.

SUS is Sus

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Can't get clients talking to our sus server properly. Driving me absolutely nuts. Seen it work about twice, but can't make anything else work anymore. Looks like we'll have to go around patching the building manually *again* >:(

Damned tax

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Spent most of the night tonight trying to figure out my tax. It was all straightforward except the NRMA shares which I sold - it's all a big mess and there's no examples anywhere. Think I may have to call the ATO tomorrow and beg for help.

Being so caught up in all that I forgot I needed to patch all my servers this weekend. I'm tempted to wait a few more days in case there's any problems with the patches. But then it would be just my luck to have a worm come out before I patched them all.

Caught up with Carl last night for dinner which was pretty cool. We're organising another drinks night at the Coro in a couple of weeks.

Watching "Coyote Ugly" at the moment. It was pretty much the only half decent movie we got to see on the plane to America a few years ago.

In the last week Vic, Richard, Dennis and I have all made mention of comment spammers in their blogs.

I wonder how automated the spammers are, and if renaming the fields in the form would help. I have a feeling they're not completely automated, as I saw two consecutive spams that looked like they'd made a typo in the first one and so got it right in the second.

I'm also considering moving this into mysql, as I read in the link on Richard's page, someone else had had a massive spam attack, and could easily remove them all with a simple line of sql code. I'd hate to have to delete a big attack one by one using the MT interface.. :(


It's Friday tomorrow!!


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Got a lolita comment spam today. Not happy, Jan. Can only see this being a bigger and bigger problem in the future, and noone seems to have come up with any good ideas on how to stop it. All I can do is delete the posts as they come in.

Paul, no the fish is a "siamensis" - it's an algae eater, also known as a flying fox. It's a fish that's built for speed, and has evaded all attempts to catch it. "Siamese" (fighting fish) on the other hand, you can catch with your bare hands :)


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Feeling totally grumbly at the moment. Perhaps it's because I was meant to be going out tonight but everyone's piked so that's not happening. Or that fact that it's cold and wet and miserable outside. Or that I haven't done the washing up and the kitchen feels cold.

I've gotten some way through tidying up the place, but still a long way to go. Been reading Harry Potter. I got the first couple of books the other day, and the first one is so tiny compared to the last one. I'm 2/3 of the way through it and I've only been reading it sporadically since last night. This was after finishing The Catcher in the Rye, which turned out to be boring as. I kept waiting for something to happen, but it was just two days in the life of a high school drop out. Big deal.

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