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14.. I suck

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I can't even do the simplest of perl programming. I can't for the life of me work out why almost identical code will work in one situation, but behave completely differently in another. Just figured out one part of it. Needed a slosh in the right place (as opposed to a slash). flipping

That and a madhouse day patching servers like crazy and setting up info so that staff can do it for themselves also. http://www.microsoft.com/security/security_bulletins/ms03-026.asp has the potential to criple half (more than half actually) of the computers attached to the internet. So long as our servers are ok, then I can sit back and laugh at the ensuing chaos.

And there's only 14 days to go. Haven't decided what I want to do yet. Whatever I do, I'm sure only half a dozen people would turn up.

/me goes off to continue being depressed in private.

16.. flipping

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Had such a suck couple of days at work. Spent most of yesterday trying to get windows 2000 reinstalled on someone's machine after it looked like it had gotten corrupted and was blue screening. Handed it back and it was all good.

This morning I get a phone call that it's still blue screening >:(
Or when trying to login it would just hang. Tried to format the partition and reinstall, but it said the partition was damaged and couldn't be formatted. yay. Decided to abandon the disk and put in a replacement. Will dissect the other one some time to see if it's just a partition problem or a problem with the disk itself. So another day wasted.

That and everyone else was dumping crap onto me also. I'd thoroughly had enough by 10am.

Then my net connection was down for 2 1/2 hours tonight. Thanks Request. Not. Just when I had sat down to get some work done. I felt rather lost, although it did give me an opportunity to get my flat somewhat tidier :)

Well, it seems I am out of my part time job. Oddly enough I was fired by the other support guys rather than management, although it was management that inspired it. The story goes something along the lines of: with me doing all the cia support, it's not giving a true indication of the amount of work that the other guys have to do, and so they can't make their case to management that they need more staff, because I'm doing so much work. Now if you can see the logic in that, then congratulations.

It's kinda hard to write here cause none of would make any sense without knowing the background. But basically this is a job I've been doing for 6 years, and it's suddenly been taken away from me just like that, and I feel rather lost. The future right now is all very uncertain. It's true I did have a two month holiday from it last year, but I never had the feeling it would be permanent. This time it feels a lot more real.

Everyone I know that knows the situation would say it's for my own good. I suppose that is true. There won't be the stress of coming home late and then having to sit down and do the support mail. There won't be any need to care about the systems or the customers after hours when noone else does. But the problem is, I do care. I'm quite convinced I care more about the place than any of the people that actually work there. Which is totally illogical in itself since I have no share in the company.

I always wondered that if I didn't have cia to keep my mind occupied at night whether I'd think about uni work instead. We'll find out I guess. Probably not though. cia was a hobby, different to real work.

So who knows what my future there will be. Vic hinted last night that maybe we could think of something for me to do. I truly hope so.

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